ADVANSYS understands the extreme importance of Customer Service in the establishment of successful, ongoing relationships with both customers and suppliers.

Our highly trained staff makes every effort to gain the trust and guarantee the satisfaction of our customers by providing excellent Customer Service at every step of the sales process, including after sales follow-up and technical support.

In order to ensure that the maximum value and potential of the products we supply is effectively presented to  the customer, our team is committed to attending international workshops organized by our suppliers and receiving continuous hands-on training. We work closely with our suppliers to offer in-depth advice and guidance to customers throughout the experimental design process, protocol set-up, data analysis and interpretation of results.

Furthermore, the Company strictly follows the recommended storage and transport guidelines for all its products, ensuring their best condition and timely delivery to the customer.

Finally, our Technical Service team will be responsible for the installation, training and maintenance of all automated systems or equipment we supply our customers.

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