ADVANSYS offers Molecular Biology, Protein and Cell Analysis products used for Academic or Clinical Research, Molecular Diagnostics and Applied Testing.

We offer high quality, innovative products from the following manufacturers:

Highest Quality Biochemicals, Molecular Cell Biology Reagents and Bulk or Customized Solutions

Trusted by thousands of researchers and the industry worldwide for its high quality and excellent service, AppliChem manufactures and supplies tens of thousands of different reagents, including:
–   Acrylamides, Acids & Bases, Salts, Amino Acids, Vitamins, Antibiotics, Antimycotics
–   Biological Buffers, Blocking reagents, Immunoassay reagents, Electrophoresis chemicals
–   Protease inhibitors, Enzyme substrates & inhibitors, Enzymes Albumins and other proteins
–   Molecular Biology Reagents, DNA/Protein size markers
–   Nucleic acid dyes, Dyes and indicator solutions, pH indicators
–   Cell culture powder media, Microbiological media and additives
–   Decontamination reagents, Nucleic acid isolation kits

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Laboratory Chemicals

The Wako Laboratory Chemicals product line consists of over 35,000 unique antibodies, enzymes, molecular biology kits, organic/inorganic chemicals and analytical standards.

–  Synthesis & Materials
–  Analytical Chemistry
–  Pharma Manufacturing & QC
–  Common Chemicals & Lab Tools
–  Life Science & Cell Culture

Specialty Chemicals

High performance and high quality specialty chemicals such as azo initiators for radical polymerization, initiators as well as surfactants and cleaning solutions.

Diagnostic Reagents & Tests

More than 90 years of experience in in vitro diagnostics tests and reagents. Products can be purchased as ready-to-use kits and/or as bulk.

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Experts in Fluorescence, Luminescence, Absorption technologies

Wide Range of Cell Labeling & Imaging Assays, Biochemical Assays, Fluorescent Probes & Dyes, Protein & Antibody Labeling Kits.  The product range includes:
–  Hundreds of fluorescent probes for fluorescence imaging & Flow Cytometry
–  Superior dyes, biotins and tag enzymes for labeling live cells, proteins, nucleic acids, biopolymers, carbohydrates, small drug molecules
– Novel fluorescent & luminescent probes for detecting various enzymes, including hydrolytic and redox enzymes
– Cell staining kits for Cell cycle and Cellular function analysis

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Thousands of Highly Validated Antibodies and Custom Services

Primary, secondary antibodies and related reagents, first-in-class custom peptide synthesis and antibody development. Abgent antibodies are widely used for the study of autophagy, apoptosis, cell signaling, post-translational modification, stem cells, neuronal development and neurodegenerative disease, gene regulation, and development. All Abgent antibodies are rigorously validated and optimized to ensure quality results for the biological research community.
The Abgent antibody collection includes:
– Over 15,000 Primary Antibodies
– An antibody for every human kinase
– Thousands of product citations
– Customer provided data covering WB, IHC, IF, FC, other
– 500+ Phospho-specific antibodies

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Unique, Innovative Tools for Antibody Engineering

Antibody modification has never been easier and more specific. The company features the first on-column Antibody Fragmentation and Deglycosylation Kits in the market, as well as the unique F(ab’)2 generation tools.
–  Fragment IgG to F(ab’)2 ond Fc in just 15 minutes
–  Deglycosylate IgG in 15 minutes
– Cleave specifically and purify full F(ab’)2 fragments in less than 1hr, without loss of yield or degradation

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Novel Crosslinking Technology; Kits & Reagents for Standard and Complex Bioconjugations

Catalyzed linker technology that enables faster and quantitative conjugation of biomolecules with higher efficiencies and yields, exceptional stability and specificity.
–  Antibody, Protein, Oligonuclotide Conjugation
–  Antibody & Protein Labeling
–  Biotin & Digoxigenin Labeling
–  Streptavidin Magnetic Beads & Agarose
–  Peptide Linking & Synthesis
–  All Purpose Crosslinking
–  Western Blot Products

Solulink’s proprietary linking technology is available as linker reagents, easy-to-use kits, bead products, and in bulk quantities to enable next-generation biomedical assays and detection systems.

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Wide Range of Antibodies, Peptides, Proteins, Lysates and Optimized Transfection Reagents

Large collection of high quality polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies for CD Markers, Complement Components, Cytokines, Immunoglobulins, Peptidases, Protein Kinases and Tumor Suppressors, including Unique Epitopes for Biological Targets.

Abbiotec’s extensive catalogue also includes:
–  over 400 synthetic peptides, including most common hormones and neuropeptides as well as several drug generics
– over 150 recombinant proteins, incl. chemokines, cytokines, growth factors, interleukins and lectins of human, mouse, rat and feline origin
–  over 10,000 lysates from 293 cells transfected with a plasmid coding for one of the 25,000 proteins from the human genome

The company also offers Protein transfection reagents, including a unique Antibody delivery formulation.

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High Quality Antibodies, ELISA kits and Proteins for Neuroscience, Stem Cells and Autophagy Research

Specialized antibodies primarily for Neuroscience, Stem Cells and Autophagy research, as well as a growing range of antibodies that have proved valuable in the study of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, Immunology and Obesity.

High quality antibodies that have been tested under real experimental conditions and are guaranteed to work for a wide range of techniques including western blot, immunohistochemistry, FACS analysis, real time imaging with confocal microscopy, biological inhibition and antibody cloning.

Also, wide range of ELISA kits that are ideal for the quantification of target antigens in tissue extracts, serum and cell culture, Proteins and Receptor Body Chimeras.

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The Largest Selection of Phospho-Specific and Modification-Specific Antibodies

Over 5,000 validated antibodies that span a wide range of cellular pathways, featuring over 1,000 high-quality, high-specificity, phospho-specific antibodies.

In addition, large selection of isoform and modification-specific antibodies, including acetyl-specific and cleavage-specific antibodies. Our full range of products includes antibodies against ion channels, transmembrane proteins and receptors, featuring a wide array of G-Protein Coupled Receptor (GPCR) antibodies.

Each antibody undergoes vigorous quality control testing and validation using whole cell lysates and paraffin-embedded tissue. The company offers 100% Guarantee on the performance of its antibodies according to their specifications.

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