How can I place an order to Advansys?

You can place an order by fax, email or by phone. Please provide the following details: product code and product name, quantity, price, delivery address and contact person, billing address. Alternatively, please complete and submit the electronic Order Form in our Order page.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept payment by bank transfer and cheques. Please do not mail cash.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Delivery time will depend on the manufacturer. For most products, delivery time is two to three weeks. Longer delivery times may apply for instruments. Items held in stock in Advansys will be delivered within one-two working days.

Can I receive the individual items in my order separately?

Yes, each product is delivered to the customer as soon as it arrives to Advansys, unless otherwise requested.

How do you guarantee my products will arrive in good condition?

Our products are shipped to Israel using specialized courier services that guarantee a fast shipment in temperature controlled environment, as per the manufacturer’s instructions. The same conditions apply for domestic shipments to the customer site. In case temporary storage is required at our site, Advansys will strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendation to make sure the products are handled correctly.

Can I cancel all or part of my order?

Canceling an order or part of it is possible, but only before the respective order is placed to the manufacturer.

Do you ship outside Israel?

We are able to ship anywhere that is requested by the customer. However, there may be additional shipping charges to your order, depending on the destination.

I cannot find what I am looking for, can you help me?

Certainly yes.  We are particularly committed to providing a highly customized and specialized service to our customers, through our network of partners and service providers. If you cannot find what you need in our product catalogue please contact us to discuss the exact product specifications or service you require. Our application development experts will strive to find the most suitable solution, as quickly as possible.

I am not sure which products are most suitable for my application, how can you help me?

Advansys employs individuals with high technical background and laboratory experience. We will listen to your requirement and help you select the most suitable products based on your specific experimental design, the samples used and the outcome you want to achieve.

I am experiencing technical difficulties with one of your products. How can you help me?

Advansys will always make sure that the products will arrive in a good condition and will provide information to the customer upon product delivery on the recommended storage conditions, in order to ensure maximum performance. However, should a technical problem occur while using a product please call us immediately, at any time, at +972 (0) 89417118; our highly trained technical support team will assist you in troubleshooting. If the problem persists, we will work closely with our suppliers to determine the exact problem and find a solution.