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Special Offers

ADVANSYS now has special offers for selected products from its partner KinaseDetect (Denmark), the experts in Protein Kinase research.  Products feature:
  • Highly pure proteins: 90%-99% purity
  • High kinase activity
  • Active & non-active forms available
  • Very low prices
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The following Protein Kinases, Kinase Substrates & related products are currently offered at outstanding prices and special discounts*:

* while stocks last
Active Protein Kinases Cat. No.
AKT1/PKB alpha,active PK-001
AKT2/PKB beta, active PK-003
AKT3/PKB gamma, active PK-004
CHK2/CHEK2, active PK-006
CK2 alpha1/CSNK2A1, active PK-007
CK2 alpha1, crystallization grade PK-010
CK2 alpha2/ CSNK2A2, active PK-008
CK2 alpha, Zea mays, active, crystallization grade PK-009
CK2 beta PK-011
CK2 holoenzyme (alpha1(1-335))2beta2 PK-027
CK2 holoenzyme (alpha2)2beta2 PK-028
ERK1/ MAPK3, active PK-013
ERK2/ MAPK1, active PK-015
JNK2 alpha2/ MAPK9, active PK-017
MEK1/ MAP2K1, mutant, active PK-018
MKK6/ MAP2K6, mutant, active PK-019
p38 alpha/MAPK14, active PK-020
PIM1, active PK-031
PKA, catalytic alpha/PRKACA PK-023
PKC alpha/ PRKCA PK-024
Unactive Protein Kinases Cat. No.
AKT1/PKB alpha, unactive PK-002
AKT2/PKB beta, unactive PK-025
AMPK alpha1, unactive PK-026
ERK1/ MAPK3, unactive PK-014
ERK2/ MAPK1, unactive PK-016
p38 alpha/MAPK14, unactive PK-021
Lipid Kinases Cat. No.
PI3 Kinase alpha (p110a/p85a) LK-001

Phosphatases Cat. No.
PTP1B, catalytic  domain PP-001-01
Tc-PTP, catalytic  domain PP-002-01
Other Proteins Cat. No.
p53, active P-001
Anti-Kinase Antibodies Cat. No.
Anti CK2 alpha PKA-001
Anti CK2 beta PKA-002
Kinase Substrates Substrate for Cat. No.
Abl peptide substrate ABL PKS-002
Akt peptide substrate AKT1,2,3 PKS-003
AMPK peptide substrate AMPK PKS-004
CDC2 peptide substrate CDC2 PKS-005
CDK5 peptide substrate CDK5 PKS-006
CHK peptide substrate CHK1,2 PKS-007
CK1 peptide substrate CK1 PKS-008
CK2 peptide 1 substrate CK2 PKS-009
CK2 peptide 2 substrate CK2 PKS-010
DYRK peptide substrate DYRK PKS-011
GSK3 beta peptide substrate GSK3b PKS-012
LKB1 peptide substrate LKB1 PKS-013
MAPKAPK2 peptide substrate MAPKAPK2 PKS-018
p38 alpha peptide substrate p38alpha PKS-017
PIM1 peptide substrate PIM1 PKS-019
PKA peptide substrate PKA PKS-014
PKC peptide substrate PKC PKS-015
Src peptide substrate SRC PKS-016

ADVANSYS also offers a range of superior, non-radioactive kinase assays, from it's partner AAT Bioquest (USA), experts in photometric detections:

Kinase Assays Cat. No.
Amplite™ Universal Fluorimetric Kinase Assay Kit *Red Fluorescence* 31001
PhosphoWorks™ Fluorimetric ADP Assay Kit *Red Fluorescence* 21655
PhosphoWorks™ Luminometric ATP Assay Kit *Bright Glow* 21610
PhosphoWorks™ Luminometric ATP Assay Kit *Steady Glow* 21609

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