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ADVANSYS offers hundreds of superior fluorescent dyes optimized for a range of applications, from its partner AAT Bioquest (USA), experts in Fluorescence Technologies.

AAT Bio has developed innovative fluorescent dyes to solve various limitations of the existing fluorescent labeling reagents, while offering reagents of high purity and very competitive price.
  • Superior alternatives to existing dyes, such as Alexa Fluor, DyLight, Cy-3, Cy-5, FITC, APC, R-PE, Texas Red and other dyes
  • Improved features, eliminate limitations of existing reagents
  • Available in a variety of reactive forms and distinct fluorescence colours
  • Also available as fluorescent antibody conjugates

iFluor™ - label proteins, antibodies, nucleic acids or other biological polymers

mFluor™ - label proteins, antibodies; * optimized for for Flow Cytometry *

trFluor™ - label proteins, antibodies or other biological polymers; * for Time-Resolved (TR) FRET assays *

Tide Fluor™ - label oligonucleotides and peptides

Tide Quencher™ - labeling Quenchers for FRET oligonucleotides and peptides

The Company also offers a full range of Classic Labeling Dyes and Quenchers

Classic Labeling Dyes - for labeling a wide range of targets and different applications

Classic Quenchers - labeling Quenchers for FRET oligonucleotides and peptides

AAT Bioquest offers many hundreds of fluorescence probes, dyes and kits. In order to serve you better and offer the most suitable products for your application, please call us at +972 (0) 89417118, or email us at

Alternatively please describe briefly what are you looking for in the form below and we will get in touch with you soon:

ADVANSYS is the exclusive distributor of AAT Bioquest (USA) in Israel, experts in Fluorescence, Luminescence, Absorption technologies.

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