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ADVANSYS offers a wide range of superior fluorescent dyes and cell, protein or biochemical assays, manufactured by its partner AAT Bioquest (USA), experts in photometric detections, including:

Fluorescence - Luminescence - Absorption

Choose from a range of unique tools for highly sensitive detection and excellent results:

Cell Explorer™ - tracking live cells

Cell Navigator™ - labeling subcellular structures of live, fixed, dead cells 

Cell Meter™ - functional analysis of cellular events

RatioWorks™ - ratio imaging of live cells

ROS Brite™ - fluorogenic probes to measure oxidative stress in cells (also for in vivo imaging)

iFluor™ - labeling proteins, antibodies and nucleic acids

mFluor™ - labeling proteins, antibodies; optimized for for multicolor flow cytometry

trFluor™ - labeling proteins, antibodies and other; for time-resolved fluorescence-based assays

Tide Fluor™ - labeling oligonucleotides and peptides

Tide Quencher™ - labeling FRET oligonucleotides and peptides

Classic Labeling Dyes - for a wide range of targets and applications

PhosphoWorks™ - detection of ATP, ADP, AMP, phosphate, pyrophosphate, phosphoproteins, phosphopeptides

Amplite™ - measuring HRP, alkaline phosphates, luciferase, beta-gal, lactamase, oxidase, kinases, phosphatas-es, phosphodiesterases, proteases, cytochrome P450, HDAC, NAD/NADH, NADP/NADPH, IP3, cAMP, cGMP etc.

Screen Quest™ - high throughput screening of biochemical and cellular targets such as protein kinases, proteas-es, HDAC, cell apoptosis and cytoxicity, GPCR, ion channels, ADME/metabolism and transporters

AAT Bioquest offers many hundreds of fluorescence probes, dyes and kits.  In order to serve you better and offer the most suitable products for your application, please call us at +972 (0) 89417118, or email us at

Alternatively please describe briefly what are you looking for in the form below and we will get in touch with you soon:

ADVANSYS is the exclusive distributor of AAT Bioquest (USA) in Israel, experts in Fluorescence, Luminescence, Absorption technologies.

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